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Why should I use TORNADOPOWER cloths?

Your central vacuum system represents one of the most significant investments you will make in your home. In addition, it is also an important contributor to your family's health and well-being. With proper care, your central vacuum system should provide years of trouble-free use. TORNADOPOWER is one of the simplest and most effective ways to clean and maintain your central vacuum system.


What do TORNADOPOWER cloths do for your system?

TORNADOPOWERT textured cloths are specially formulated to capture dirt and grime residue that exists in the hose and tubing. Also, when pulled through the pipe system, these cloths capture larger debris such as pebbles, lint, sticks, etc. and deliver these items to the canister. Finally, the treated cloths "wipe down" the inside walls of hoses and tubing, and their scented solution leaves the entire system smelling clean and fresh.

Can I leave TORNADOPOWER cloths in the dirt receptacle?

Use of TORNADOPOWER cloths should in no way alter the central vacuum system manufacturer's recommended filling intervals. Used cloths can be left in the dirt receptacle, and will continue to emit a clean, fresh scent.

Tornado Power Sample



1. To test for cleaning power:
Test one inlet at a time for proper suction and airflow. Open TornadoPower™ cloths as directed on label. Activate vacuum system, place one cloth over center of wand (textured side first). After five seconds, turn off power and check the canister or bag; if the cloth gets to the canister in 5 seconds or less, then you have adequate cleaning power.tornado power

Common causes of reduced cleaning power include:
• Full canister or filter bag
• Dirty secondary filter
• Blockage in exhaust
• Hole in filter or filter bag
• System clogs
• Leak in system

For possible solutions to these problems, see Troubleshooting section.

2. To test for suspected obstructions in the system:

Use the cloth as directed (one inlet at a time). If the cloth gets to the canister in one piece you do not have a blockage in that inlet, move on to the next inlet and test again. If the cloth gets to the canister but is torn or ripped you probably have a partial clog or blockage. Even if you find a full clog, test the other inlets one at a time to make sure you don’t have more than one clog.

3. To test for a leak in the system (TornadoPower cloths not required for this step):

Unplug all hoses from the system. Turn on the unit at the canister with no hoses plugged in.
Walk around the property listening for the sound of rushing air. Make sure to check each inlet covers, Vac Pan and around the unit. You should be able to hear a leak in the system.

Common causes of leaks in the system include:

• Multiple hoses plugged in at one time
• Inlet covers removed or broken
• On systems with toe kick cleaning devices, the door is stuck open
• Leaking gaskets on older systems

For possible solutions to these problems, see Troubleshooting section.


Poor suction/airflow

Full canister or filter bag. Empty canister or replace filter bag.

Hole in filter or filter bag. Replace or repair filter bag.

Dirty secondary filter. Clean or replace secondary filter.

Blockage in exhaust system. Clear blockage.

Partial clog in tubing
Obstruction in tubing. Run TornadoPower through the inlet 2-3 times to try and clear the obstruction. If the problem persists, contact your central vacuum dealer and ask about a Versa-Vac loaner to unclog the system.

Full clog
(no airflow)

Obstruction in tubing. Contact Tidy House and ask about a Versa-Vac loaner to unclog the system.
Leak in system

Check main causes of leaks and repair leaks.

Multiple hoses are plugged in at once. Unplug additional hoses.

Inlet covers removed or broken. Reinstall or repair inlet covers.

On systems with toe kick cleaning devices, the door is stuck in the open position.

On older systems, gaskets are leaking. Replace faulty gasket(s).

Faulty/broken system components. For parts and/or service, contact Tidy House.

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