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Tidy House offers parts and service for all makes and models. We have everything you may need for your Cyclovac and Vacumaid system. Please contact us with your specific make, model and the part you need.

The spare parts you most often need are listed here. Priced as marked. Shipping and handling is extra. For specific parts not listed please email Philip, and let him know what you need. Remember Tidy House services all makes and models. Please be sure to include your name, address and phone number, and we will be in touch!


Tornado Power

Tornado Power Cloths

Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths are the do-it-yourself solution for central vacuum system care.


These handy cloths are the ultimate way to reduce odors and restore your system to peak efficiency. 25 cloths per package.


hose hanger

Plastic Hose Hanger

The H-431 is a plastic hose hanger designed for hanging on a single stud for easy installation. This hose hanger keeps the hose off of the floor and places it in a convenient location on the wall.  A ridge on the top side of the hanger secures the hose from sliding off.  Black color.


mesh caddy bag

Mesh Caddie Bag

The caddie bag can be used to hold your accessory tools. It is designed to hang on your hose hanger and makes transportation of the tools to where you need them easy and convenient. This is the easiest way to store your tools. The see through mesh allows you to easily find the tool you need.



Silver Hose w/ wand

The hose is a 30 ft. 1-1/4" lightweight, soft hose suitable for any system which that has micro-switch valves . This hose is not suitable to use with pin jack or electric valves. 1-1/4 in. x 30 ft. It is a standard crsush-proof straight suction hose.


Low Voltage Crush Proof Hose

Low Voltage Crush Proof Hose

The hose is a 1-3/8" x 30 ft. low voltage swivel crush proof hose. On the inlet side, the hose has an 1 1/4" cuff that is suitable for any system that uses pin jack electric valves or Perma-Glow Ready Power units. The other end has a swivel handle with a friction fit stub tube.


Metal Curved Wand for 1 1/4" hose

Metal Curved Wand for 1 1/4" hose

Deluxe Metal Curved wand that is a friction fit. It is used in conjunction with the 1-1/4" hose. It has a vacuum relief built in to regulate suction and will fit most 1-1/4" tools.


Floor and Rug Tool

Bare Floor & Rug Tool

This tool works well on bare floors and rugs. It is equipped with extra brushes underneath to make it more gentle on wood floors. The convenient foot lever allows you to easily enable the extra brushes .


Mop Head Floor Brush

Dust-Up Mop Head Floor Brush

The Mop Head Floor Brush turns your vacuum tool into a "dust mop". The static cling dust mop helps to pull dirt from corners and from under appliances, and the central vacuum system takes anything the mop head doesn't. The removable mop-head can be cleaned in the washer.

Replacement Mop Head $20.00.


Multi Surface Lint Tool

Multi Surface Lint Tool

The Multi Surface Lint Tool is great for a variety of surfaces including upholstery, velour and micro-suede materials, and even pool tables. It has two lint strips that face different directions so you will collect lint on the forward motion as well as the backward motion.



Turbocat Zoom

The TurbocatZoom is one of the most powerful turbine powerheads in the industry.  The TurboCat Zoom operates without electricity, using the airflow of your central vacuum system to turn the roller brush for maximum suction and deep cleaning power.  The low profile allows for easy maneuverability around and under furnishings.

Replacement Belts $5.00


Rug Rat

Hand Held Turbine (Rug Rat)

This high speed brush cleans and grooms carpeting, stairs, upholstery and vehicles interiors. Use is at the end of the wand to eliminate bending over or hold it in your hand for more control.


Dusting Brush

Dusting Brush

The Dusting Brush has full, natural bristles for gentle cleaning. It can be used with an extension wand for dusting out of reach high hanging pictures, tall windows, and other hard to reach places that need dusting. The soft body of the dust brush is molded in vinyl for a gentle touch when cleaning fine furnishings.


floor brush

Natural Bristle Floor Brush

The 14 inch Natural bristle floor brush work well on bare floors, wood and tile. It has shorter bristles in front and longer ones in back which allows for dirt particles to be picked up with forward movement.


Upholstery Tool w/ Brush

Upholstery Tool w/ Brush

Use this tool to clean upholstered furniture, drapes, and vehicle upholstery and carpets. This tool comes with a built-in brush to make it more gentle on your furnishings.


crevice tool

Crevice Tool with Air Notch

This 13" crevice tool is designed to reach into cracks and crevices. This tool has a flat side which makes it great for reaching under refrigerators, around air conditioner coils, and other hard to reach places that collect a lot of dust and dirt.


Pet Grooming Tool

Pet Grooming Tool

The pet tool has soft rubber tines that gently groom your pet while removing dander and loose hair. As you brush your pet the central vacuum will lift the shed hair away. Most pets enjoy the nice massage they get when you are brushing their coat.


Car Upholstery Tool

Car Upholstery Tool

This angled car upholstery tool is a great tool for cleaning out your car. Its angled head lets you vacuum the carpet and upholstery in your vehicle without adding the additional strain of having to awkwardly hold an upholstery brush. In addition, the head of this upholstery tool includes a felt lint picker strip for collecting any fuzz that may be present.


vacu sweep

Vacu Sweep

Clean with the ease of a broom, yet still maintain the benefits of a central vacuum.  Located floor level at the baseboards of a cabinet or a wall. Requires installation. The Vacu Sweep comes in black (shown), white and ivory.



<strong>Replacement</strong> Bags

Replacement Bags

4-Pack Plastic 4mil bags for standard 12" unit including models P-125P and S2000.


<strong>Replacement</strong> Bags

Replacement Bags

4-Pack Plastic 4mil bags for standard 14" unit including model P-350P.


Soft Cloth Hose Cover

30 Foot Soft Cloth Hose Cover


This soft cloth hose cover that easily fits over your central vacuum hose. Vacsoc prevents scratches, dents, chips and scruff marks caused by the central vacuum hose rubbing against items in your home.  It helps to protect baseboards, wall, doorways, and furniture. 


Soft Cloth Hose Cover

35 Foot Soft Cloth Hose Cover


This soft cloth hose cover that easily fits over your central vacuum hose. Vacsoc prevents scratches, dents, chips and scruff marks caused by the central vacuum hose rubbing against items in your home.  It helps to protect baseboards, wall, doorways, and furniture. 


DustMate Premium TurboKit

DustMate Premium TurboKit

Set includes Low Voltage Swivel Hose with Chrome Stub Wand - Button Lock, Turbocat Air Turbine Power Brush, Chrome Telescopic Ratchet Wand, 12" Floor Tool, Premium Crevice Tool, Premium Dusting Brush, Premium Upholstery Tool with Brush, Hose Hanger, Clip On Tool Caddy and Tool Caddy Bag.



DustMate Garage Kit

Garage Kit

The DustMate Garage Kit is a complete tool kit for 1-1/4" inlets. Small, compact and easy to transport it's the ideal kit for a condo/apartment or for a simple kit to keep in your garage for cleaning the car. It includes a straight suction hose, a multi-surface floor tool, and standard cleaning tools.



P125 Power Unit

P-125P Power Unit

Motor Premier 7.2" Tangential By-Pass
Voltage 120 A.C.
Max Amps 13.5
Max Air Watts 495.0
Airflow (CFM) 116
Filtration Cyclonic
Sound Level 76db
Up to total SQ. Feet 7,500
Dirt Capacity 27 Qt.
Sealed Vacuum (inches H2O) 125

The P-125P is powerful and reliable with a filter free cyclonic seperation there are no messy bags or filters. The patented air channel allows for a plastic can liner to be used inside the dirt canister making emptying the can less hassle and less mess. It improves the indoor air quality.



Replacement Motor for P-125P

7.2in Central Vacuum Motor
13.5 AMPS

This motor can also be installed in P125 Power Units, but a lid motification needs to be made.

Motor brushes are also avilable upon request.


black hoseblack hoseblack hose

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