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How is your system performing?

You made a great choice to install a central vacuum system in your home. Like anything we own today a certain amount of maintenance is needed to insure peak performance and efficiency. By having your system serviced on a regular basis you can be assured it is operating properly and that it will continue to perform for many years.

If service is needed please contact us. Many times we can resolve the problem by email or phone. A standard service call is $85. We also offer an annual package with a discount as listed below.

Maintaining your central vacuum system is key to keeping your house clean and germ free.


1. Power Unit

  • clean dirt canister
  • replace bag if necessary
  • check and clean outside vent
  • clean outside of power unit
2. Interior Vacuum Pipes
  • Tornado Power clean inside of pipes
  • check and clean inlets

3. Attachments:
  • check power nozzle
  • check hose

4. System Power

  • check airflow
  • check sealed suction


Standard service call includes the in home service listed above


Deluxe Maintenance Package: One(1) visit per calendar year and all in home service listed above. Also 10% off normal service charge for any additional service calls needed. 10% off all new parts ordered.


Please feel free to contact us at any time. Remember we service all makes and models of central vacuum systems and are here to serve you.



** Please note, all new parts needed additional charge will apply and discounts apply only to deluxe packages.

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