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Since 1960 , Cyclo Vac has been designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality central vacuums, which have revolutionized the industry. In March of 2006, Cyclo Vac once again raises the bar with the introduction of the latest innovation: the High Efficiency Collection.

A completely new technology, with a redefined triple filtration system, ultra powerful motors and ultra quiet power units, as well as many other practical functions and characteristics, Cyclo Vac's HE Collection will simplify your life and completely redefine the notion of cleaning.

Improved indoor air quality, efficiency and easy of use are but some of the advantages to having a Cyclo Vac central vacuum system in you new or existing home.

Air quality is essential to a healthy home. Cyclo Vac central vacuum systems are known throughout the world for their unique filtration system that actually improves indoor air quality.

Cyclo Vac vacuum systems are also famous for their exceptional cleaning power and remarkable quietness of operation. Years of research and development have allowed Cyclo Vac to combine these two fundamental features in every model.

A full line of first rate attachments that are both light weight and manageable contribute to both efficient cleaning and ease of use.

Choose from the Traditional Collection with its filtered cyclonic models or the High Efficiency Collection, with electrostatic filter bags. Whether you are looking for reliability, convenience, performance or superior filtration, Cyclo Vac has the ideal system to suit your needs.

Vacuum power, indoor air quality, peace and quiet, efficiency, and ease of use are but some of the many advantages you will enjoy owning a Cyclo Vac central vacuum system.

Tradition Collection: Some things just shouldn't be changed ... Discover the central vacuum line that has made Cyclo Vac a world-renowned product. Always as powerful and as quiet as ever, these central vacuums offer triple filtration, including our famous CyclofiltreTM with Ultra-Fresh* treatment: the guarantee of cleaner air in you home.

HE Collection: A real technological innovation which completely revolutionizes the central vacuum industry, Cyclo Vac's HE collection is most impressive. Remarkably powerful, quiet, low maintenance, and equipped with the new ultra efficient filtration system, the HE collection will eliminate household dust and other allergens from your home environment, providing a much cleaner air for you and your family. All High Efficiency central vacuums are equipped with a progressive start module, which prolongs motor durability, and the delayed stop, which allows for the complete evacuation of dust from the hose.

Innovative Advantages:

Cyclo Vac FilterCarbon Dust Filtration1: A first in the central vacuum industry, it establishes a new standard in indoor air quality. Cyclo Vac's carbon dust filtration system1 is found on all Cyclo Vac High Efficiency models. It traps that harmful carbon dust produced by the motors, and normally deposited on surfaces around the power unit. Its pleated design provides a substantial filtration surface, allowing for a maximum coverage and filtration durability.

Spped VariationsSpeed Variation Technology: Choose the power level you need by simply sliding the switch! Because different surfaces call for different power levels, our Speed Variation Hose allows you to choose one of four different power levels by a simple slide of the switch on the hose handle.

The DataSync Technology

Always at the forefront of design and innovation, Cyclo Vac introduces their latest technology: the DataSync. Unique and exclusive, Synchronized Data Monitors allow the selection of four power levels; signal when to change the bag or empty the canister; and even indicate when maintenance is recommended. All this information is available on the LCD monitor at the front of the central vacuum unit, and simultaneously on the hose handle, right at your fingertips!
datasynch technology

bagModels with bag – High Efficiency Collection

Central vacuums from Cyclo Vac’s High Efficiency Collection are equipped with disposable bags. This type of central vacuum is chosen mainly because of its ease of maintenance and because there’s no contact with dust when the vacuum is emptied. Indeed, a convenient disposable electrostatic filter bag captures dust and assures maximal and constant suction power, even if the bag is full. People who suffer from allergies or who have pets will appreciate the fact that they are not in contact with vacuumed dust, dander, feathers or fur. Simply remove the bag, seal it, discard and reinstall a new one. Bags are inexpensive and their replacement depends on frequency of use.


bagModels without bag – Tradition Collection

Central vacuum models with filters from our Tradition Collection have many interesting advantages. This type of central vacuum is chosen mainly because it’s considered environmentally friendly. The centrifugal force simply directs the dust particles to the bottom of the dust canister. Indeed, there’s no bag to throw out and filters are washable. Furthermore, there are no bags to buy, so in the long term, maintenance is not only ecological, but also less costly.


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1 Patent pending
* Ultra-Fresh is a trademark of Thomson Research Associates. Ultra-Fresh is registered with EPA (USA) and Health and Welfare Canada.

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