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Welcome to Tidy House Central Vacuum Systems. On this site you will find valuable information about the products and services we provide. Our aim is to help you understand the advantages and benefits of having a central vacuum system installed in your new or existing home, or business. Central Vacuum Systems not only make cleaning easier and more efficient, they improve indoor air quality as well!

It is important to understand there are two components to a central vacuum system. The first is the vacuum itself. There are a number of good central vacuum systems available to consumers today. We offer Cyclo Vac and Vacu-Maid and we believe these to be the best. You can learn more about the benefits of central vacuums and the vacuum systems we recommend on this website. The second component of the central vacuum system is the hose. This is where Tidy House sets ourselves apart from other companies in our area. We offer Hide-A-Hose, the retractable hose central vacuum system, to make using your vacuum much easier.


VacuSweep Demonstration Clean up non-carpeted floors quickly and easily! The VacuSweep® Sweep Inlet Valve makes it easy for debris and dirt to be quickly swept and removed. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, garages and commercial operations - wherever there is smooth flooring. Learn more here.

Maintaining your central vacuum system gives you peace of mind!

When is the last time your system was serviced? You made a great choice to install a central vacuum system in your home. Like anything we own today a certain amount of maintenance is needed to insure peak performance and efficiency. By having your system serviced on a regular basis you can be assured it is operating properly and that it will continue to perform for many years.
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Tidy House offers installations for new and existing homes. We also provide parts and service for all makes and models. We offer FREE no obligation quotes and are ready to be of service to you. Our primary service area is the greater Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and Pocono region, but we also service all of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are VDTA Certified Installers and are a member of the Lackawanna Home Builders Association. Please feel free to review the information on our website.

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